Week 1 03.10.17

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

The film is about a sorcerer magizoologist Newt Scamander who travels to New York City 1926. To discover and research about fantastic beasts. As he is exploring aroung the city he is then in intercepted by Jacob Kowalski who takes Newts magical suitcase in exchange for his bakery suitcase.


In the film, I like the character Newt Scamander’s occupation as a magizoologist, as he shows passionate and interest towards the magical beasts that he explores around different places and continents. I like the CGI effect in 3D visual style which makes the fantasy beasts look real life. Essentially this effect makes the beasts believable and captures my imagination. I also like the effect of the characters teleporting off screen. This visual effect shows them disappearing inside a wormhole visual.

The different species in the film interest me, they are created by a combination of different known animals. This is a technique I want to develop in my future projects. In my project, I have combined a rabbit, bear, ogre, and antenna to create a Rabbeagrena. Overall, I am pleased with this character development, but I would like to change the ears slightly.

fbInitial character drawings

Overall I enjoyed the visual style of the magic elements particularly the dark obscurial. The elements that gave me inspiration on my project were the fantasy beast type creatures and magic spell casting elements.




Week 1 03.10.17

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