Tutorial. 27/04/17.

Last weeks tutorial I presented all my research of artist and book for my project called ‘how character with disabilities are depicted in graphic narratives’ I also presented the starting few pages to my storyboard.

My positive review about the project so far was the overall storyboard and the use of my drawing style and multiple colours blending together.

From my tutorial I wasn’t to look at examples of comic book transitions. I have been suggested to look at scoot Mc Cloud. I will also be focusing on my storyboard and not over thinking how it will be produced.

I looked in to my tutor Juliet Sugg’s narrative work and really took inspiration from her use of colour and materials she uses when drawing. This is an element I hope you use in my final outcome.


 Scott McCloud.

From studying Scott McCloud’s books on comic’s I have learnt that each panel could consist in each composition to show the flow of the story and that each panel guilds the audience from beginning to end.  I also that the depiction of the characters doesn’t necessarily have to stick with in each panel.

Currently I have visualised each panel from the same angle. I learnt that by tilting the view can affect the reader’s impression of the island or characters.  For example, the distance and the size of the rain forest.

comic examples McCloud 3

Within McClouds book he shows examples of early ‘comics’ shows in tapestries and wall paintings. I am inspired by the extra-long layout of the tapestries. It is an element I wish to bring in to my graphic narrative. Perhaps suing gate fold pages in the center of my comic.

comic examples McCloud 4

The last example that interested me from McCloud’s book was how to use sound effects to depict and action. This is a technique I could use when my characters are drilling under the electric fence.

Tutorial. 27/04/17.

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