Video Editing Workshop.

During the workshop, the colour that I was given to use was blue. With just using that colour I then strolled around areas of LCC and around areas outside, taking 15 – 20 second videos shots of various aspects of spaces, walls, and buildings that gives an implement to the colour blue. I then used the videos to import on premiere pro. I then dragged the videos from the project panel and then arranged the clips in order into each timeline assembling a sequence. I then fiddled around with each clip editing the speed faster or shorter distance over time. For the sound I decided to use on of the audio clip and repeat it over the whole video.

I felt uncomfortable and anxious about the idea of videoing outside of university but I understand that it was important to get a wider range of clips that in the end created a stronger final edit than if I was to only film inside. I feel my most successful clips are the one from the children’s park that have movement and sound.  I found the editing difficult especially the changing of the time sequence.

To develop my outcome of the video I would make the overall timeline shorter by removing some parts of the clips that are less successful that didn’t stand out well. I also intend to have music with the final edit. I had thought to use modern music for example piano but I intend to try a few samples.

Overall I am please with my first edit for theworkshop. I feel some of my clips are successful and with some more work I could create an interesting outcome.


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