Drawings from the Natural History Museum. 06/03/17


In the Natural History Museum, I had a task which was to choose a subject from the list and spend the day drawing out different aspects from the subject that I’ve chosen. An example of a subject I chose to observe and work from was feet. I chose to use that subject because I was interested in the different structures, shapes and variety of feet in the museum.

In this task I enjoyed sketching and doodling the feet from a various specimens of animals form the museum. What I found difficult about this task was having to produce lots of drawings in the time I had at the museum. I also found it difficult to get a good view with lots of people around.

I am most please with my pen drawings because they are bold and have strong outlines. They are also slightly out of my comfort zone of using pencil and rubbing out when I make a mistake.

If I was to develop these drawing and my techniques I would consider using different materials, refraining from using original styles of drawing I normally use. Perhaps watercolour, pastels or bold felt tip pens to give a graphic cartoon style I like in certain animators.


Drawings from the Natural History Museum. 06/03/17

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