In this section I have been generating ideas for research about coal. I made some key points and facts about the effects of burning coal as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


The key Facts that I learnt from doing this research are:

  1. Coal is burnt to produce electricity .
  2. When it is burnt it also produces carbon dioxide.
  3. Cardon dioxide increases the green house effect which warms up our planet.
  4. It can be harmful to us and the environment because of the waste produces including acid rain.
  5. It has higher levels of nitric and sulphuric acids, which can damage forests and increases the chances of sea levels rising above.


I found the research I did on coal inspiring. I then decided to use the raw material of coal for my final outcome because I like the feel and structure of it. I felt that it would work really well with the model because of the bold shape and  colour. It would have been used to burn in the air raid shelters during WWII so I wanted to incorporate it in my futuristic shelter.

Gas Mask Research.


I researched on gas masks because I felt the object was relevant to my project because it connects to the history of air raid shelters and how they would have been worn during this period. further more I came up with the idea of  designing a concept charcoal drawing for a futuristic gas mask that could be worn in my futuristic Air Raid shelter.


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