Hamley’s visit Review.

Hamleys is a Finest toy store opened 1760. Over 250 years it retailed high-end toys in the finest retail establishment in the UK.  Since 1760 the store has gone through many changes and applied different marketing techniques in providing toys mainly for the children.

The toys at Hamleys are eye catching to children but most significantly aimed at parents. It means that even though toys are produced for kids but because the parents or guardians are paying for the toys, it is important to design the store to target them. However, children can pressure the parents to purchase a product at some level. Therefore it is important to engage them with the product and allow them to test and persuade their parents for the toy they like. Store Theatre is a major factor at Hamleys.

The in-store theatre is a technique to engage customers in experiencing the product themselves, also to persuade them in considering different brands and products. Hamleys is a unique example of the in-store theatre. (Gill, 2015) Hamleys employed the staff that is firstly entertaining and can communicate with people through playing games. Secondly, they can provide the necessary in

formation to the adult as the primary target audience. The store Theatre is a unique and powerful technique to grabbing the audience attention. This technique can be as effective in a way that the children and their involvement in playing games becoming a marketing strategy. The kids are marketers. They promote the product by their participation in playing. It is a gamification method used by Hamleys which I believe it is a successful technique. (Shaw, 2007, p. 75)

There are other elements that we can notice by visiting Hamleys Store. For instance, applying the colour of red for the store. It is not only representing the Logo. Also, the vibrant colour is playful and can create overwhelming emotions during the visits.

As a conclusion, we can understand why the matter of gamification and in-store theatre is a vital element for promotion at Hamleys.


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Shaw, A. C. (2007). The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value. New York, USA: Springer.





Hamley’s visit Review.

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