Alice in Wonderland Exhibition Review


The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story is written by Lewis Carroll in 1862. It tells the story of Alice’s adventure in a magical world by entering to a rabbit hole.

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Exhibition at The British Library ties to show the development of the story for over 150 years.  Hence the exhibition mainly focused on Franchising process of the Alice’s story but it was poorly executed. This review will point out some of the reason that exhibition failed to meet the expectation of its audience.

The first problem come through the logistic element of the exhibition. Considering the importance of the topic the exhibition location was too small and did not have enough space for the visitors they have been hosted in a time. It caused distraction for the visitor. Even though it has been mapped and oraganised in a way that visitor would follow the signs to see the exhibition, Thanks to Tony Antoniou. But because of the space it was hardly possible to follow the signs and concentrate on the works.

The Alice in Wonderland Exhibition Illustration by Tony Antoniou. Source: The British Library Press Release.


We wouldn’t allow to take any photo in the gallery. Hence I attempted to re-illustrate one of the signs on the wall.

The second problem was lighting of the works. The lights and works placed without any consideration. Hence the visitors cast shadows on the works which it could be distractive. For such popular exhibition it would be great if they could carefully plan the setups in a way that visitors could examine the works with more space and better lighting.

The other issue was the journey we were going through regards the focus on the franchise element of the Alice’s story rather that illustration development or artistic movements. Personally as the visitor I would prefer to see more about the illustrations than the marketing development in the story.

Personally I liked the Illustrations on the walls. My attempt to recreate one of the illustration. I also added colour independently as the original illustration is in Black and White.

As a plus point it was interesting to see some of the illustration that curator designed for the exhibitions as part of the decoration. These illustrations were the most interesting part of the exhibition for me. Also after visiting the exhibition I attempt to watch the films related to the story. So the exhibition help me a bit more to know more about ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘in general, however I must admit that it wasn’t a satisfactory visit f an exhibition.

Alice in Wonderland Exhibition Review

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