The Persona

The purpose of the morning session was based on how we can organise our objects. Finding out what kind of techniques we employ and how we can develop our organising skills creatively.

In the classroom we look through the Argos catalogue to look at different various products and had to figure out how we could order the product only by looking at the catalogue. We have been asked to find out which techniques has been used to design the Argos Catalogue in a group.

The techniques being used are:

  1. Alphabetic order: The index at the end of the catalogue was based on alphabetic order. Meaning we could find our product by searching for the name. Also we could find the location of the stores.
  2. Category: At the first page of the catalogue we could find the categories based on the use of the objects. Such as Technology, Kitchen or Gaming. It has been also designed in different colours to be easier to find the category we are looking for.
  3. Continuum or Hierarchy: We find this technique for example in TV category, the TVs were organised based on their size from 19″ to 21″, 32″ and bigger.

Later on we learnt of other techniques such as Time and Location. I looked at some old Argos catalogues and tried to find either location or time organising technique. In the Argos catalogue issued for Spring and Summer 1992, I could find the location technique. (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Figure 1: Location technique for organising.

As you may see in the figure, the image shows a group of items, which are located in certain place to create the reality of the use of objects. So in order to choose an object in that catalogue we need to see the location of the item and find the information based on the number given on the image.

Also in the same catalogue we find a chronological order. The time technique has been used for this purpose. It means in the furniture category, the items has been organised from the older fashion items to more modern designs. (Figure2).

Figure 2
Figure 2: The time technique

So we learnt of two new techniques of organising: Location and Time.

Later on we learnt how companies gather the information of their clients and design their location based on the need of the customers. For this exercise they create a (some) persona(s). The persona is:

“A persona is a representation of a particular audience segment for a website / product / service you are designing, based on various types of qualitative and quantitative research.” (Reference – the UX Review Website)

After learning about persona, we had been asked to create our own persona. As you can see on the Figure 3, I created a persona called Mr. Locker. Then after we have been asked to design a supermarket based on our persona (Figure 4). My Persona has some interest, motives and goals and of course some interests. Like: His passion for car design, Gaming, technology and he is an ambitious hard working person who tries really hard to reach his goals.

Figure 3
Figure 3: Mr. Locker

The Supermarket design is based on his need and also interests. So we created a map of the supermarket that fulfill his interest. Because he is interested in technology and gaming the most, and cars I designed the supermarket in away that he face those items first and he will be forced to walk in between those shelves. Then I designed some shelves related to his daily needs such as foods, drinks, and snacks. At the end and by the cash point I put a shelf of magazines and catalogues related to the cars to grab his attention towards them whiles he is waiting to be served.

Figre 4: Supermarket plan/map
Figure 4: Supermarket plan/map

I learnt to analyse through the catalogue by keeping up duration of the amount of time locating through the products that you are searching for. Also you learnt of how organize your object in different techniques. At the end I learnt how we could use data to create a persona in order to design our location, or work based on the need of the audience.

The Persona

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